Vanliga frågor och svar

Where do I go if I want to buy a boat from Ryds?

We have a large selection of boats that you can find at our dealers. If you have questions about how and where to buy a boat, you can contact your nearest boat dealer here!

Ryds Båtar has been manufacturing boats since 1946 with a purposeful awareness and a focus on quality, safety and function.

If I have questions about my boat model, where do I turn?

Our dealers handle all types of consumer issues about our boats. You can find your nearest dealer here!

I have questions about a boat model, what should I do?

You will find all information on under the respective boat model. If you would like further information, please contact one of our good dealers.

How do I do if I want to equip my Ryds boat with accessories?

In our web shop on the website you can order original accessories for our boats, or you can contact your nearest dealer.

How do I choose the right engine for my Ryds boat?

Under each boat model on our website there are recommendations on engine power. If you have any further questions, please contact one of our dealers.

I am interested in buying a new boat, how do I?

Feel free to make a declaration of interest under the boat model you are interested in and we will pass this on to the nearest dealer. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact your nearest dealer here!

What color code / gel coat does my boat have?

We sell some of these products in our webshop. If you do not find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us via the form.

How do I choose the correct rig length for my engine?

Information about the rig length of your engine can be found in the technical specification under each model on the website. If you are looking for information about an older boat model, contact your nearest dealer.

Where can I find the serial number / year model on my Ryds Boat?

You can find the serial number / year model on your Ryds boat here!

Can I get help with an older boat model?

Ryds Båtar AB, which was formed in 2012, supports our dealers with boats manufactured from the year 2012 onwards. Boats with earlier date of manufacture can, as far as possible, be helped with technical issues and accessories.

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