Clear the fishing boat

If you love fishing in your spare time and want a little further out on the sea or the lake, Ryds Fishing Boats are perfectly adapted for you!

Simple and well thought out boats that are designed for fishing and that the owner can easily modify with various accessories. Applications for this type of boats include fishing with cages and more, sport fishing or transport between islands and the mainland. With the high freeboards you can feel safe moving freely in the boat. Most often you also have large free surfaces in the boat with seats, stowage compartments and other optional accessories. Ryd's fishing boats are easy to operate, operate and own. If you buy a fishing boat from Ryds, we guarantee you safe, high-quality and affordable boats with a great future for the area of ​​use.


Better for the environment, smooth and efficient

With a fishing boat you have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, not only fishing but also excursions, water sports or just enjoying nature on the lake. You can, of course, use a regular motorboat for fishing, but what distinguishes our fishing boats is the equipment that comes in the boats with smooth storage, large centered storage compartment where, among other things, fishing equipment such as coolbox, plastic bucket and holders for bait, fishing chairs etc. Our Big Fish Boats are a series of rough boats for anyone who wants to spend a moment on the lake. The perfect boats for recreational fishing and transport.

Choose the right model to suit your needs and desires!

The design and equipment of the fishing boats can vary from model to model. It is more common for a customer to buy a boat for the properties he or she is demanding. To know exactly which boat is right for you, we recommend that you contact one of our dealers. Find your nearest dealer by searching your city in our dealer map.

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