Steering console

The steering wheel is the perfect boat for recreational fishing, water sports, pleasure trips and fast transport

This type of boat meets all the requirements for simplicity and is equally suitable for those who are well acquainted with the boat life as for you who are new. Unique to a steering console is that it has a console from which you can operate the boat with the help of mainly steering wheel and other controls. The control desk is not only easy to operate, it is also equipped with generous spaces for passengers and flexible storage with large storage compartments to store everything needed for a boat trip. Model can vary in appearance and engine power, but whether you are a recreational angler or just love to enjoy the outdoors on the lake, Ryd's steering pulp in its simplicity suits you just fine. With the high freeboards and our VI technology we contribute with a boat of high quality and with high safety.



Production method VI

The VI technology that we use in the manufacture of our boats partly means less emissions for both our working environment and our external environment. In addition, the weight of the boat becomes lighter but very strong in its construction, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. The environmental perspective is part of everything we do, from when we design new models to make them as easily driven as possible to our production methods and material choices.

See our production film here where we show how the manufacture of our boats goes.

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Ryds 548 Mid C, styrpulpet som körs på sjön med en familj.


Stable and safe

The control pulpit is a stable and sea-safe boat that is equipped to meet both high demands and tough conditions. Learning to maneuver our boats goes fast and our dealers always have a review when buying the boat. Safety is very important to us and we therefore test all models before launching them so that they meet our high security requirements. The steering wheel is ideal for day trips with sun, swimming, fishing and much more!