Clear the rowing boat

The easiest boat model to operate, manage and own!

Ryds rowing boat is a simple and flexible model that you can use in two different ways. You can either use the oars that are part of our rowing boat or mount a smaller petrol or electric motor. This type of boat is, like our other boats, developed with our VI technology which makes it a light and nice rowing boat. The rowing boat is perfect for smaller excursions or fishing trips. Under this boat category we have our Ryds 398 which is equipped with high security, three seats and space for storage under the seat in the stern.

What activities are best suited for rowing?

The rowing boat can be used for many different activities such as long distance rides, exercise rides, adventure rides and more. Ryd's rowing boat has a very high stability and safety which means that this boat can easily be used in lakes and archipelago. By using the rowing boat you can at the same time practice training activities because rowing is a sport where you use your entire body. You can experience the adventure in different forms, some think that a trip back and forth from place to place is an adventure, while for another it is for the first time he or she gets to experience coming out on the lake.

Want to know more about our rowing boat?

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Your first boat - The rowing boat from Ryds

The rowing boat is in most cases one of the first boats a person can imagine. In addition, it is a boat that can be adapted for several different uses. In the beginning, it is usually about fishing, playing and swimming. When looking for a boat for the first time adapted for excursions, Ryd's rowing boat is a perfect alternative.